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A new method of gear heat treatment(2015-05-19)

In gear machining process, the advanced blank forming process, the stability and precision of the heat treatment process, as well as the appropriate surface hardening treatment process, the key factors are eventually form gear boutique.Shortly before the summit gear industry development in China, which provides an introduction to the field of gear processing technology from different aspects of the new development, including digital induction quenching process into gear heat treatment of the new method is put forward.

In the gear of the heat treatment technology, often need to both work and time-consuming traditional craft to guarantee, such as carburizing, nitriding process.As the use of nearly a century of induction heat treatment of the traditional heat treatment technology, through continuous development and innovation in recent years, its advantage is more and more recognized by people, especially its high efficiency, energy saving, no pollution, easy to realize automation and other characteristics, fully meet the development direction of green technology today.

At present, with the application of digital technology, the whole process of gear induction hardening by digital control, digital control is not only the numerical control machine tool, but also high frequency power supply, digital control technology to improve the reliability and repeatability of the great.
Gear heat treatment deformation is caused by many factors, both the material and heat treatment process and material properties related to the thermal deformation, organization of deformation, such as volume change, there are also produced in each process in the process of gear machining internal stress release caused by the deformation in the process of heat treatment, such as its factors are complex.Adopt a correct die quenching process, is no longer constrained to a great extent before the gear machining process, and by limiting the size of quenching method, greatly limits the quenching after deformation, improve the product percent of pass and decrease the subsequent processing costs, especially in extremely easy deformation of thin-walled ring gear application effect is very significant.

Through this accords with the concept of green manufacturing for induction hardening heat treatment technology, digital technology, digital intermediate frequency power supply technology, in particular, this process can be reliably, eliminates the past the induction quenching process of the digital age, caused by unreliable craze, carrying capacity of instability, poor life.