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Hard Teeth Face Gear processing technology and efficient production(2014-10-31)

Some advanced equipment is the important guarantee to improve the level of manufacturing technology, but it does not necessarily can create high levels of product.Many enterprises in our country has had a try to import some of the international advanced manufacturing equipment, but did not use the corresponding input, to study the manufacturing technology of each link, with the passage of time the equipment is no longer the advanced, and the improvement of technical level is very limited.

Only truly mastered the advanced manufacturing technology with advanced manufacturing equipment and facilities, to produce products with advanced level.Gear manufacture in China, there are many problems need to study and solve.For example, efficient techniques in batch production, saving material and energy saving technology, heat treatment deformation control and finishing, mass production of gear quality control standards and assessment criteria;As another example, stable production and high precision gear quality control specification, hard tooth surface gear processing technology and efficient production, large deformation of gear quenching and quenching crack control, large internal gear precision plus, big modulus gear cutter cutting deformation and wear, and so on.

Of course, development of advanced manufacturing technology can't depart from the support of machine tool manufacturing industry and material industry.Therefore, must also be on gear machine tool, cutting tool and measuring tool manufacturing technology and the development of gear material metallurgy technology to be fully appreciated.

From the use of hard tooth face scraping, can reach 8 gear accuracy, mainly is the tooth profile accuracy is difficult to improve.For high precision gear to adopt gear grinding method.Research on using carbide hob made a lot of experimental work, the carbide hob and fly knife, the cutting process and the knife blade tooth crack and wear test work.Conclusion: radial take 45 negative rake Angle, blade of the optimization design of cutting performance is relatively stable.Most of the domestic manufacturers adopt the parameter values.