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Innovative solutions for gears and profiles(2016-05-11)

NILES is a global market leader in manufacturing machines and tools for finishing gears and profiles.
For gear grinding there are two different types- discontinuous profile grinding and continuous generating grinding:

Continuous generating grinding

For continuous generating grinding all tooth flanks of the work piece are machined simultaneously during one stroke of the helical tool. This is accomplished with a synchronized constant rotation of the work piece relative to the grinding tool. Due to the kinematics of this process, indexing and positioning times are greatly reduced, resulting in low cycle times. Therefore it is a highly productive and cost-effective process well suited for small and medium-sized gears. Both dressable ceramic tools and non-dressable CBN tools can be used (in cylindrical or globalized design).

Discontinuous profile grinding

Profile grinding of gears describes a process in which the tooth flanks are machined gap after gap with single or multi-ribbed profiled tools. This process offers the highest flexibility while still achieving optimum quality. Profile grinding is mostly utilized for small batch series and prototype manufacturing. Dressable ceramic wheels as well as non-dressable CBN-tools can be used for this grinding process.