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hard teeth face gear processing technology rapid development(2014-07-29)

Hard Teeth Face Gear manufacturing technical difficulties on the choice of the ways of complex curved surface tooth profile machining and heat treatment of tooth deformation control,the former is often due to the limitation of processing machine tools and cutting tools, so it is not easy to implement,the latter due to the blank material and the instability of  the heat treatment process, often haphazard.
Except for system and policy factors such as management, Hard Teeth Face Gear transmission in our country in terms of technology with the advanced countries in the world there are still gaps,the reasons for the gap is our original foundation is weak, is still a developing country, is still in the primary stage of socialism.But we want to catch up in the 21st century, to achieve the level of developed countries.In the Hard Teeth Face Gear transmission industrial base must also be so.Shorten the gap, first of all, you must see the gap, and then suit the remedy to the case, take effective measures, stick to it, can be effective.Developed countries such as Germany, the United States and Japan are Hard Teeth Face Gear dominate, its manufacturing precision has can achieve stable level 6 above.And nearly 10 years of Hard Teeth Face Gear in China has been developing very quickly, but overall is still in a stage of transition from soft tooth face hard tooth surface.Due to the material composition, heat treatment process is not stable, processing equipment is older,  so we generally low l ~ 2 level in terms of accuracy,  heat treatment deformation and microstructure control aren't good enough, the effective hardening layer thickness is not uniform, and products of the most advanced countries in the life on average less than 50.In later ninety s, rapid development of computer technology in the world.CNC machine tool widely used.The only individual gear transmission enterprises in our country in recent years introduced several CNC machine tools.Some enterprise due to technical limited budget, is still by increasing some common equipment to expand production capacity, this makes the manufacturing accuracy and production efficiency is not high, still lack of competitive power.
The Hard Teeth Face Gear has a long history, but in the true sense of Hard Teeth Face Gear technology began in the 19th century, in theory to recognize the superiority of involute, the emergence of hard steel tools let after one thousand years of history casting gear, which laid the foundation of modern Hard Teeth Face Gear processing technology;After the 19th century, based on the generative principle of the invention of the gear hobbing machine and gear shaper, solved the problem of mass production and high precision gear, meet the huge demand for the development of the automobile on gear.Over the past 100 years, materials and manufacturing technology is the main driving force of Hard Teeth Face Gear technology rapid development.